A weekend of intense game making

Hi, everyone! The second Manila Game Jam is just a day away, and we know you’re just as excited as we are (but perhaps not quite as exhausted)!

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank our partners and sponsors, who were invaluable for making this event possible. Without them, we wouldn’t have a venue, food, drinks, or even prizes (like free games and iPhone developer books) for you guys.

We’d like to thank our partner, UP-ITTC, for hosting the Manila Game Jam for the second year in a row, and continuing to support IGDA throughout the past two years. We’d also like to thank our partners in the local game industry, GDAP, for giving us the necessary support and contacts to make this Game Jam a reality.

To Anino Games, Boomzap Entertainment, Secret6 and Proudcloud, our Gold sponsors: You’re awesome! You are the pillars upon which this Game Jam stands, and the local game industry is bettered for your generosity. We hope that this marks just one of the many milestones for all of us in game development.

To Inkstone Inc., innov8, informIT, cr8v web solutions, Wolfire Games, Globe Labs, Inquirer.net, Zachtronics Industries, Gamehopper and Committee GeekFight: We love you too! It warms our hearts to know that so many institutions and individuals care about the Game Jam and about Filipino game development. We salute you!

And, of course, thank you to everyone who registered and expressed a desire to be part of the Game Jam. You’re the reason why we’re having the event in the first place, and we hope you’ll find it as fun, fantastic and fulfilling as we will!


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