A weekend of intense game making

The Manila Game Jam is finally here, and we’re making tons of last minute tweaks to make sure that everything goes smoothly for our participants!  On that note, here are some guidelines for registration today:

  1. Registration officially starts at 4pm
  2. We will cap participants at 60 people
  3. Pre-registered participants will receive priority, but this priority expires at 6:30PM, meaning your slot will be given away if you don’t get there on time
  4. We will be updating registration status on our Twitter feed, so make sure to follow that if you want to know if there’s still space for participants

Additionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to scale back the number of computers for our participants to 32 workstations. We would like to encourage everyone who has their own laptop or netbook to bring them so we can accommodate 60 people during the jam. If you’d like to secure a computer slot, please arrive early today.

Here are some additional things you might want to bring:
  1. Laptop / netbook,
  2. WiFi sticks (globe tattoo etc.), for additional bandwidth
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Earplugs in case you’re a light sleeper
  5. Toiletries (including towels, maybe a cologne? :D)
  6. Medicine (we will have first aid, but if you have your own biogesic or whatever that would be good)

Thanks again, and we’re all looking forward to seeing you later!


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