A weekend of intense game making

To kick things off this month, we are proud to have our first game feature: CatastroRun from Erik Chang, Jason Autentico, Justin Yu and Chris Arquiza, the members of team Teamba!

You can download and play their game on the main game jam site. Let’s hear more from Chris, the team’s representative, to talk about their group, their game and their game-making experience!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your group.

We were a group of 4 people, 3 3d artists and 1 programmer.

We didn’t real know each other and randomly teamed up (by running around saying “may team ka na ba?” “team na ba?” “teamba?“)

Can you briefly explain your game to us?

You’re the last surviving man on earth, and you have to delay the extinction of mankind by prolonging your own survival.

You have a 10 seconds to run into each collapsing building and grab what you need to stay fed/clothed/sane.

If you survive each level you’re shown a score showing how well you did regarding each of your needs.

How did you decide what game to make?

By sleepily mumbling random ideas at each other, and figuring out which ideas no one has violent objections to =)

What were the challenges (aside from making it in 48 hours) in making your game?

Figuring out how to work with people we don’t know yet and gauging what each one of us can actually deliver in a given time.

Do you plan on continuing to develop your game?

Nope, there are much more entertaining ideas that would be more fun to turn into games without the limitations we had back then.

How did you like the Game Jam, and will you join again next year?

Loved it, and if I have time again next year, sure!


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