A weekend of intense game making

Our next feature deals with not just one but two game entries made by one team! o think that creating just one game is already a challenge, these group of four college students had managed to whip up a couple of games within the time limit of two whole days.

Feel free to download their games, 42 and Puddi-Puddi Invasion, uploaded on the main global game jam website. Without further ado, here’s (Insert Team Name Here)!

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your group.

Hi we are Team (Insert Team Name Here), and we are (Insert First Member Name Here), (Insert Second Member Name Here), (Insert Third Member Name Here), and (Insert Fourth Member Name Here). DO NOT FORGET THE PARENTHESIS!!!

Alright, so we’re kidding. It’s Charles Cue, Daniel Vallesteros (aka Vali), John Raymond Cala, and James Pe.

Vali, JR, and Charles are college blockmates friends from DLSU. We have worked on a game or two together a few times, but not yet to a fully running game. As for the 4th member, James, he’s a member of the De La Salle Game Development Lab along with Charles. He was a last minute addition to the group (in fact, he just came around Saturday afternoon) after the group was desperate on needing an artist for the team.

Vali is 99.9% random.
JR hates vegetables and Dragonfable.
Charles is a DJ Max Technika addict.
James is James.

Charles also has his blog at wordpress. It can be viewed here: http://eggsvschickens.wordpress.com
(though he’s feeling lazy writing new blog posts at the moment XD)

Can you briefly explain your game to us?

42 is a game that will blow your mind, murder your brain cells, and send a troll laughing at you. This is the game that goes against all common sense, and exists with one primary purpose: to bring the extinction of logic to the world by making the answer to everything 42!

Puddi Puddi Invasion:
Alien Puddi Puddis throw Dry-ice Cream to melt a little planet. Help these poor people by collecting the Dry-ice Cream into a machine, and shooting it back at the evil Puddi Puddi bullies.

How did you decide what game to make?

We started out with Puddi Puddi Invasion. We had a friend who we worked with before, and he designed the game during our Game Design class. It was simply something we came up with in a seatwork exercise, but we shelved the idea. Six months after, the game has finally seen its light, and we modified some of its contents in order to match the theme of extinction (in a happy way XD). To add some more happiness to the humor, we recorded crazy sound effects to the game, to fuel the soupy-cuteness of the game.

As for 42, Charles was already finished designing the Puddi Puddi Invasion, but with already 2 programmers working on the game, having a 3rd might hamper the progress. With Charles idle, he goes on to think of his own game to share with the group. Since he’s terrible in doing art, he tried to come up with the game that can be coded quickly, and will require very minimal art. This is when the idea he wrote on his notepad sparked out: The Extinction of Logic. Quickly, he remembered his other friend who speaks before he thinks (to the point he once asked how to subtract 19 from 7 XD), and the number 42 from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (everything is 42). With that, came the game 42, where the answer to everything, no matter what, is 42! The game uses very minimal art to give the attention to the number 42, and the questions try to be as crazy and anti-common sense as possible.

What were the challenges (aside from making it in 48 hours) in making your game?

Having to make a game in “42 hours” means your game will be rushed and full of bugs. 42 has some of them, but we’re glad the Puddi Puddi had a lot less. The main problem we faced, however, is the lack of playtesting in our game. We’ve seen some players who struggle with some levels of both games, and they could have been prevented if the games were tested more thoroughly (though I believe that’s really part of this “42 hour” challenge XD)

Do you plan on continuing to develop your game?

The success of 42 in the Game Jam has motivated Charles to create an engine that will help build these quiz games faster. In fact, he’s already starting out a new set of 42, so expect new soupy antics from the game!

As for Puddi Puddi Invasion, we’ll have to further work onto balancing the game, and building a tutorial level for it. It seems that many of the players do not understand what to do, or struggle in the progress. The game was also made quickly, that it didn’t undergo enough playtesting to be properly balanced to the newer players.

How did you like the Game Jam, and will you join again next year?

The game jam was really fun. It’s really interesting to see what kinds of games developers can come up within a very short amount of time. With a not-so-friendly time limit of “42 hours”.


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