A weekend of intense game making

The objective of the game jam does not only involve time pressured game creation. In its setting, meeting other hobbyists and collaborating with them to create something from scratch is also part of the challenge.

We are proud to present Team Exterminator, composed of Francis Seriña and Louie Briones, who took and overcame these challenges and had successfully made an entertaining physics/puzzler game! Their entry, Lasers and Bugs can be downloaded at the main global game jam site.

Here’s Francis to tell us more of their game jam experience.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your group.

Louie and I met at the Manila Game Jam.We have no idea who each other was, all we know is that we want the most out of the Game Jam.  I’m a Programming Teacher in Philippine Science High School, learning video game development on the side. Louie is a graphic artist. That’s all there is to know.

Can you briefly explain your game to us?

Lasers And Bugs is a fun, cute, puzzle game where you exterminate all the bugs with one laser shot!

How did you decide what game to make?

I love physics and geometric optics is one of my favorite topics (very easy too). I proposed the game with almost a complete gameplay already. I just needed art. Louie was interested in it so we did that.

What were the challenges (aside from making it in 48 hours) in making your game?

Programming the path of light 😀 Took me more than 4 hours to create that single function. Then I wanted to animate it so it looks cooler, which added an additional 2 hours because the algorithm that I originally created did not consider animation.

Do you plan on continuing to develop your game?

Yes, in fact, the game is now 20 levels, compared to the original 10 that was presented on the game jam. We’re adding more art and sound effects for the game. Also, we have now implemented the glass (refraction). After showing it to my students, they said it was too hard and they wanted a Survival Mode and “Make Your Own Level” feature. Gotta love honest opinions.

How did you like the Game Jam, and will you join again next year?

DEFINITELY joining next year. I learned a lot, met a lot, did a lot! I will bring my students and friends from other schools to participate as well. The game jam teaches us something the classroom can’t – real life experience.


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