A weekend of intense game making

It has been a while since our last game feature. As busy as our days would seem, we still haven’t forgotten those last two days that we have been most productive ūüôā

This time, we feature the creators of the game The Pacifist. A platformer game that encourages the player to pass through the level without hurting or killing the animals along the way. The full game can be found on the main global game jam site¬†or play the game online at Karlo’s Website!

Here is the entire team to talk about their game jam experience.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your group.

Karlo Licudine is the team’s game designer. He is a full-time freelance web developer, a full-time student, a full-time indie game developer, and one heck of a multi-tasker.

Dan Leland Suarez is both an artist and a programmer. Since the team already had an artist, he ended up as one of the programmers for the game.

Jonah Jose Espelita is a flash developer and a git aficionado who hails from the wonderful and chilly city of Baguio. He loves programming, motionography, typography and procrastinating. He is also Time’s Person of the year 2006.

Finally, Fabian Lorenzo Dayrit or “Enzo” for short, made all the art for the game and is a self-proclaimed¬†mega nerd. Oh, and he likes haikus.

Can you briefly explain your game to us?

The Pacifist 

Karlo:  The Pacifist is a game where killing endangered species will turn them into ghosts that will haunt you throughout the whole game making it harder. It emphasizes choice and consequence.

Enzo: ¬†Let’s Haiku!

a boy walking home
he passes through a forest
don’t kill the tarsiers

How did you decide what game to make?

Enzo: Karlo’s Idea

Jonah: What Enzo said

Leland: What Jonas and Enzo said

Karlo: Wait, it was my idea? o.o Oh yes, it was. I wanted a game where your actions has an immediate consequence. I also wanted the consequences to be so important that it would affect how the player will play the game. I like it because It shows the seriousness of the theme.

What were the challenges (aside from making it in 48 hours) in making your game?

Enzo:¬†¬†For me, there was kind of a lack of a unified vision at the start (with regards to art direction). It’s a good thing the team knows how to give good feedback.

Jonah: Git Troubles!!! And oh..my laptop died. Lol.

Karlo: It was really hard keeping the motivation up for the team especially when everyone started feeling the exhaustion. So even though I wanted to go fast, I tried very hard not to push the team too hard as I didn’t want them to throw them out the window.

Enzo: What Jonas said.

Do you plan on continuing to develop your game?

Leland:¬†Sure ūüėÄ

Jonah: Definitely.

Enzo:¬†I’d like to!

Karlo: Absolutely! If the team allows it, I want to start from scratch and rethink the whole thing since we now have more than 48 hours. ūüėÄ

How did you like the Game Jam, and will you join again next year?

Enzo: Super awesome! Yes, i will join again next year!

Jonah: Loved GameJam. The atmosphere, the challenges, the people, my teamates.. Love it! Will join again definitely.

Leland:¬†This year’s GameJam was fun! I will definitely join next year.

Karlo: I already have my sleeping bags packed for next year.


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