A weekend of intense game making

This month, we feature another exceptional team that was able to do more than one game in a span of two days. Most of them, making a comeback from last year’s jam in which they showed innovation through the use of new technologies such as games that use a wiimote and image recognition.

This time, they managed to come up with two games under the Game Jam’s theme, Extinction. You can check out their games on the official Global Game Jam site: E(arth)xtinction and Pixtinction.

Tell us a bit about yourselves and your group.

The group’s name is Easy A and is composed of Guillard Erickson Alvarez, Alyssa Loren ‘Al’ Arellano, Angelica ‘Angge’ Gomez, Angelica ‘Angel’ Lubao, Aubrey Graze ‘Au’ Pareja.

Al, Angge, and Au currently work as a programmer in a bank. Guillard is a software developer while Angel is a Rich Media developer. Angge, Al, Au, and Guillard all came from the same university. Angel met Al and Angge during the orientation for Global Game Jam 2011 only during the actual GGJ event.

You can get to know more about the team by visiting the blogs of some of the members through these links:

Angelica Gomez: angelsalvogomez.blogspot.com

Angelica Lubao: http://about.me/oabulacilegna

Aubrey Graze Pareja: http://tuwatula.blogspot.com

Can you briefly explain your game to us?

We’ve created two games for GGJ11 namely: E(arth)xtinction and Pixtinction.
E(arth)xtinction is a PC-game whose object is to save the earth from asteroids — using a wiimote. Using the Wii remote as controller, the player must be able to save the planet earth by repelling ALL asteroids that fall to it. One asteroid hit and the earth, along with all of the human race, becomes extinct.

Pixtinction challenges the player to use his/her wits to survive in a mysterious, hostile environment. The player is shown only a portion of the picture of the setting. Based on that, he must choose the tools to survive that environment.

How did you decide what game to make?

We’ve decided what game to make by collaborating our thoughts after the game theme announced.
Actually, the inputs of game design came mostly from the imaginative mind of Au.

What were the challenges (aside from making it in 48 hours) in making your game?

Some challenges that we’ve encountered were, uhm.. all of us just came from our work so we were exhausted on the first day. It was like that we didn’t know where to start, our main programmer was late but thankfully we still managed to create two games. And for first-timers like Al and Angel, they felt more pressure.

Do you plan on continuing to develop your game?

So far, we did’nt talk about it. Most of us joined global game jam just for fun and to provide a break from our current work environment, you see none of us came from the game development industry.

How did you like the Game Jam, and will you join again next year?

What we liked the most about global game jam is how it teaches everyone how to collaborate with each other. Game developers, game designers and game artists all share ideas and as a result, we all learn something new. Also, it made us experience what it is like to be part of a game development team, a dream come-true to Angel. Definitely, if time permits, we will join gamejam next year.

You can read more about their personal experiences by visiting their blog posts about Manila Game Jam 2011:





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