A weekend of intense game making

Manila Game Jam 2013 is just a couple of months away! To kick things off and give you guys a headstart at what the game jam is, we will feature participants from last year, sharing their experience from this two-day game hacakthon.

Here’s team F.L.E.A. from MGJ 2012 with their game STASIS!

Tell us something about yourselves and your team.

Felix Palabrica – Programmer / Designer
Leland Suarez – Programmer / Designer / Artist
Enzo Dayrit – Programmer / Designer / Artist
Alex Sagrado – Artist

We just decided to team up during the event itself except for Leland and Enzo who are college batchmates.

You can find out more about our game through these links:

Tumblr – http://stasis2012.tumblr.com/

GGJ Archive – http://archive.globalgamejam.org/2012/stasis

Can you explain your game to us?

Tower Defense with 4 Modes:

Maintain at least one Catalyst in the field for the span of 3 minutes.

Destroy all Destructors!

Convert all Orb Shell to Super Life Orb. Lose one orb shell and you’re screwed.

Protect the Super Life Orb for three minutes or die!

What were the challenges that you faced when making your game?

The theme this year was a bit difficult so we had a bit of a challenge thinking up of concepts.

Since the team was just formed during the event proper, the synergy between each members needs to be established.

What are the positive effects that the jam had brought to you?

– It was an incredibly fun experience. The people we met were very inspiring and being in such a creative environment gives you a certain high. (Lol drugs)

– As a first timer, it was a fulfilling experience and with this I know what to do for the succeeding game jams (Oh yeah, 2013 is just a month away).
– I learned a lot from my teammates and it helped me to hone my skills and come up with new ideas for game development.

Manila Game Jam 2013 is just a couple of months away. What tips can you give to the future participants of the game jam?

– Don’t be afraid to participate. It’s a once-in-a-year chance where you can spend 2 days being with awesome people, meeting new friends and making games. They practically pay you by setting the stage and all, just so you can have a smashing weekend, so make the most of it! 🙂
– Be realistic with your goals for your game. Remember you only have two days to create the game. Make sure that you have a playable game before the time runs out. However, in spite of all the pressure and stress from hours of work, don’t forget to rest and enjoy what you’re doing! 🙂

– Learn to designate tasks, utilize the time you have, and trust your teammates.


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