A weekend of intense game making

When joining a game jam, the most important goal that each participant should aim for is to have a good time. For a short weekend, you’re given a chance to experience something new by being in the shoes of a different game development role. The event does not have restrictions. You decide on what you want to do 🙂

This group, even though they were composed of all programmers, managed to come up with a game by taking multiple development roles.

Let’s meet the team that created Neko Neko Nyan Nyan!

Tell us something about yourselves and your team.

Our team was made of four guys, all of us are programmers though. We are colleagues and three of us are thesis mates back in our college days.

Our members are:
John Raymond Cala – Team Lead / Designer / Programmer
Ivan Canilao – Programmer
Patrick Karlo Pamplona – Artist / Programmer
Daniel Vallesteros – Artist / Audio / Programmer

You can find our game here:
GGJ Archive: http://archive.globalgamejam.org/2012/neko-neko-nyan-nyan

Can you explain your game to us?

Screenshot1 Screenshot3

Our team made a game where the player needs to trap his enemies in an area. By dropping yarn as he walks in circles and makes a shape, the area inside the yarn as well as everything inside the area will be destroyed.

What were the challenges that you faced when making your game?

Just as I mentioned in the first question, all of us were programmers so it was hard for us to make the assets. We also didn’t have a game design and just had a concept before starting and we did not see the problems of the game until we encountered them.

What are the positive effects that the jam had brought to you?

It was an experience that made us realize how hard it is to manage time but with enough experience and preparation, even if a game is big, time wouldn’t be an issue.

Manila Game Jam 2013 is just a couple of months away. What tips can you give to the future participants of the game jam?

Read more about game planning, designing and code patterns so that the 3-day limit won’t hinder in the game development.


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