A weekend of intense game making

Late last year, we were surprised to see another local Game Jam Site officially registered to participate on the Global Game Jam . Knowing that having another site would always be beneficial; preparation, coordination and setting up the event however is one tedious task. One brave soul had taken the initiative to start their own Jam and spread the Game Jam Spirit at Central Luzon.

Meet Art Polo Gabriel: He’s the Game Jam Organizer for CLSU Jam Site, and he had given us the opportunity to do this short interview.

What inspired you to start your own Game Jam and be part of Global Game Jam?

Well, I ( along w/ my team from artsdigitalmedia.com) have actually been doing some websites, applications and mini 3D games as a hobby. Lately I learned about the Global Game Jam, and I have been wishing to participate and meet the experts and gurus so my team and I can further our skills.

I always missed out GGJ in Manila due to conflict of schedule & the long travel. So I decided to apply for a GGJ location here in CLSU, and was gladly approved.

How did you know / acquire information about the yearly event?

First, I saw a post in some of the game dev blogs and FB. Then I researched about it, and found one of the coolest event on earth – GGJ.

Are you doing this alone or do you have other people helping you organize the event? How many participants are you expecting?

Alone? Nope, I’m just the lead organizer here. There are people & organizations that are also doing some preparations and they are very much excited to participate in this event.
Expected participants will be hobbyists, Artist Club members, and IT Students. Maybe around 30-50, we’re hoping more.

Can you tell us more about CLSU and the game development scene in Central Luzon? 

About CLSU, please see –http://clsu.edu.ph/#p/8/About%20us.
Well, CLSU is actually more on Science & Agricultural Courses. The BSIT was just established around year 2000.
There are no Game Dev Courses here but there are people who are into game dev and doing some.

Have you joined/attended a Game Jam before? 

I haven’t been into any GameJam event, but I have always been as a resource speaker for basic 3d interactive & game development on some areas here in Central & Northern Luzon. Like I said, we always just missed out here, but this time – we will surely be gamejamming with the experts/gurus 🙂

What got you started making games?

I like playing games but my brothers defeat me most of the time, so I told them I’ll make a game where they will never beat me up, (though until now I still haven’t done a game where I’m always the winner, hehe) – so I tried learning gamedev. However,  most of the time due time constraints and conflict of sched with my work in web dev, my gameprojects are still kinda in “cooking” mode. In addition, I still need to learn more from the experts.

What are your favorite games and why?

Favorite games? Well, im sort of tied with “Commandos” from EIDOS Interactive till now – its the “pain-in-the-brain” thing that makes me still play it. It’s very hard to play – that’s why I like it.

There you go! We hope that this would be a start of a great game development community in Central Luzon.

If you’re interested to join the Global Game Jam and located near the area, we highly encourage you to join at the CLSU Jam Site! You can find all related information on the jam site location page and register to their location. The event is just a couple of weeks away so start preparing! See you soon!


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  1. Awesome! Hope the CLSU gamejam goes well!

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