A weekend of intense game making

If you have ever wondered if you would be in a disadvantage if you have not made a game before, fear not. Whether you’re simply a hobbyist, a professional or even a student, you are very much welcome to join as everyone else is put on equal grounds.

Last year, majority of the participants were college students and having very little experience in the field of game development have not hindered them from joining. Meet Team Pink Chicken; a group of college students who braved themselves who took the challenge to take their initial steps into game development.

They will also be speaking during the Game Jam Orientation Seminar on DLSU-CSB at January 19, 2013. We highly encourage everyone to attend! It’s free 🙂

Tell us something about yourselves and your team.

Pink Chicken

Hi everyone, we are team “Pink Chicken”! Our entry during GGJ 2012 was titled “Soul Dragon”. We won Best Unity 3D Game Award and was Third Placer. During GGJ 2012 we we’re in our 2nd year as Game Design and Development Students of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde and we only had less than 6 months of experience in using Unity 3D. We all belong to the same group during the game pitching session. We decided to stick together, re-evaluate our concepts and finalize the design with respect to everyone’s strength and opinions.

Pink Chicken is composed of the following members:

Jozette Anne Tuquib – Game Designer and GUI Programmer
Niccolo Manahan and Jaryd Alfonso – Programmers
Jasmine Paredes and Gemmariel Raagas – Artists
Kevin Hallare – Sound Engineer

You can play our game here: http://bit.ly/KsBja8

Can you explain your game to us?


Soul Dragon, was designed to comply with the theme “Oroborus”, which means eternal life. Minding the theme and the sample image, our concept revolved in a dragon moving counter-clockwise. The goal of the game is to collect as many good souls and avoid bad ones in order to gain score. The game includes a number of power ups that could add more life to your dragon thus making the gameplay longer, a power up that could diminish your life and lastly a soul that adds more than 5 points to your total score.

What were the challenges that you faced when making your game?

Since we were beginners and new to the challenge, we started planning big things and decided to start with the basic concept and just add the other features if there’s still time. One of our biggest problems was of course, time constraint. We crammed a few features and it was as if the universe was against us, our file wouldn’t upload online. Somehow we managed to beg and pray to the universe and our file was upload successfully.

What are the positive effects that the jam had brought to you?

The positive effects of Game Jam not only to our team but to all our batch mates who also participated was we were able to bond in a totally different way. Since we were all beginners during that time, we alse learned to help one another even if we are competing against each other.  Our team shared a very unforgettable roller coaster ride full of ups and downs that was later paid off by an unexpected victory.

Manila Game Jam 2013 is just a couple of months away. What tips can you give to the future participants of the game jam?

Tips to all jammers this coming GGJ 2013? Start small, due to the time constraint, planning a big project is too risky it might end up being messy and buggy. Sometimes simple is better as long as it’s fun and as long as you had fun. Game Jam is not just a competition it is an opportunity to gain new friends and be part of a bigger family through gaming.


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