A weekend of intense game making

If you are already familiar with game development, then taking the challenge a little further by doing a jam on your own might be of interest to you. A few of last year’s participants prefer the road not taken and face the Game Jam challenge solo. This can bring about different results as you can simply be self-managed, but on the downside, your time would be divided on focusing on art, design and code. Do you have what it takes?

Meet one of our veteran participants, Roan Contreras as he shares with us the experience of creating a game on his own!

Tell us something about yourselves and your team.


My name is Roan Contreras and my team is just myself as Toadie (my alias on gaming). I went solo not because I don’t really want to have a team, but because I want to do things on my own since I want to be independent on game development as a college student. I have a website which I haven’t updated for months and months (and it’s really incomplete) and if you guys want to check out: http://roancontreras.zxq.net .

Can you explain your game to us?


My game is Cursed Steps; it’s a short platform game.  What you’ll do in this game is to escape the snake’s cursed vision. This game for me states that, “Every step is a curse…”.

Try the game: http://www.mediafire.com/?81yacsz5eu9spj6

What were the challenges that you faced when making your game?

One challenge I faced on making this game is when the theme was flashed from the projector, which was a picture of a snake eating its tail in circular (for short it’s an Ouroboros). Themes always give me difficulty on how I exhibit the game when it comes to everything I do. Working solo also gave me challenge since I solely manage my own time on working the game.

What are the positive effects that the jam had brought to you?

A positive effect that gave me during the game jam is when I learned to be minimal on the game’s content. Not all games really need to be rich in features, even short and simple ones can do good for game jams. Another positive effect during the game jam is the environment of the venue, I’ve met a lot of new friends and somewhat bond with them during the development of the game since it’s fun socializing with other jammers around (I could say somewhat multitasking, yet no distractions happened during the work of the game…).

Manila Game Jam 2013 is just a couple of months away. What tips can you give to the future participants of the game jam?

For the future participants of the Manila Game Jam 2013, it’s okay to work a game as a one man team but I’m not just saying work in solo right away; there are also risks of working in solo mostly managing the time you work for your game and your  own limitations/skills.  So if you’re really prepared to give yourself a time and taking the risks to work on one game by yourself then go for it. Don’t be overconfident on the event, as I encountered since manila game jam 2012, because it can ruin your momentum until the part when one leads to everything fall apart from working the game then you’ll go back from the start (yet time keeps running). And It doesn’t matter how old you are if you want to participate, the important is if you really want to make a game then let’s JAM!  … Oh yeah, be sociable and friendly too because game jam is not just games, it’s also friends that rocks our world so hard to make the games we make possible (Am I kidding? But as long as you’re not shy at first… I’m not kidding…).


There you have it! You can also catch Roan on tomorrow’s Game Jam Orientation Seminar on DLS-CSB as he tackles the ins and outs of designing games suitable for a Game Jam. Attend the seminar at 1pm on the Auditorium at DLS-CSB and at Mondragon House along Buendia c/o iAcademy!

This would be the last of the Game Features that we will have that showcases the entries from last year. We can’t wait for the games you will make on MGJ2013! Who knows, you and your team might be the next ones to be featured :). MGJ is exacly one week away! See you there!

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