A weekend of intense game making

The 5th iteration of the most anticipated game development event is finally here! We would like everyone to participate in the IGDA Manila Game Jam 2014 this January 24-26, 2014!

This year, we strike up a partnership with Globe Labs and DevCon. The upcoming jam will be held at Globe Labs Showroom in Valero Telepark, Makati. Here’s a map to the area.

In a  nutshell, a Game Jam is a challenge for you and your team to come up with a game prototype that conforms to a given theme within a constrained time of 48 hours. To keep things fair for everyone, the theme is kept secret until the first day of the event. Participants then pitch their ideas, form teams and start making their games on the spot.

Sounds hard? Don’t worry! We’ve got an orientation seminar to give you a heads up on what to expect, tips and tricks to conquer this challenge! This year, the orientation seminar will be held on the same place at January 18, 2014. You can also read up on other featured games on this site to learn more about the experience making their games and of the event itself.

If you’re interested to join, you can register now by following these instructions!

We’re proud to continue this tradition for five years! Newbies are very much welcome to join, Veteran jammers, welcome back! Invite your friends and spread the word!

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