A weekend of intense game making

Two weeks to go before MGJ 2014! As we gear up and prepare ourselves for the challenge, we have a few reminders for those who are planning to join MGJ 2014 @ Globelabs Jam Site.

To those new to the event, we highly encourage you to read our General FAQ to know more about the event and get most of your questions answered.

Make sure to register to the Global Game Jam Site and the Eventbrite Page.

We need to keep track of the participants as the venue can only hold up to 70 participants. Make sure that you are registered on both pages to qualify as a participant on Globelabs jam site. Please register [here] for the Global Game Jam Account and [here] for our Eventbrite page.

Once the venue is full, you may try going to other sites such as the CSB Jam Site or the Central Luzon Jam Site. You can still join the game jam on your own house/preferred location by simply registering to the Global Game Jam website.

We’re looking for possible shower rooms / bathrooms.

To those who will spend the night on site, please take note that tentatively, there are no available showers/bathrooms for you to freshen up. we are still in the process of looking for a nearby hotel that jammers can use during the event. We’re doing all we can to solve this. We’ll keep you guys posted!

Bring your own workstations/laptops.

Unfortunately, the Globelabs jam site cannot provide workstations. Participants are expected to bring their own laptops/working devices to be used or shared between team members. Make sure to keep close watch of your belongings upon going in an out of the jam area.

Bring reusable utensils!

To lessen plastic cups and disposable eating utensils, we also advise that you bring your own. Your coffee mug will be your best friend. 🙂


If you have any other questions, please hit us up in the comments or post them on our Facebook Group Page. See you soon!

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