A weekend of intense game making


The Manila Game Jam 2012 is the third consecutive local game jam and is being held in conjunction with the global game jam:

The Global Game Jam (GGJ) was founded in 2008 as an IGDA event to broaden the outreach of the organization while giving the world an opportunity to create games in the world’s largest Game Jam to date. The 1st Annual Global Game Jam was held January 30-Feburary 1, 2009 to much critical acclaim and success. With over 1600 participants in 23 countries, the GGJ produced 370 games.

The Global Game Jam was created as collaboration between Susan Gold, Gorm Lai and Ian Schrieber – three active members of the IGDA who wanted to connect the community through cooperation, innovation, creativity and experimentation. The 2010 GGJ wants to triple in size, including more locations and making GGJ a truly global event.

GGJ is a volunteer run organization, built upon the very hard work of the leadership, site organizers and of course the participants.

In the spirit of GGJ being a volunteer effort, the MGJ is a collaboration between members of IGDA Manila and all our great partners and sponsors.  It’s our hope that this game jam will be even more successful than the last one, and that it continues to show the world what Philippine game developers are capable of.

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