A weekend of intense game making

Contact Us

For further inquiries and concerns, you can hit the comments below or reach us through our email.

Paul Gadi, IGDA Manila Chapter Coordinator
paul [at] igdamanila.org

Alvin Chan, IGDA Manila Community Liaison
alvin [at] igdamanila.org

Marnielle Estrada, IGDA Manila Programming Liaison –
marnel.estrada [at] gmail.com

ggjmanila [at] gmail.com

Comments on: "Contact Us" (8)

  1. Leonardo Mendoza Jr. said:

    I’m game user of RPG and strategy games in PC. Can I attend the Manila Game Jam to observe the events? or it is a requirement that you must be a game developer to attend?

    • ggjmanila said:

      Hi Leonardo, you can attend the seminar on Jan 22 and the awarding ceremonies on Jan 30. onlookers while on the actual game-making time are discouraged in order not to disturb the participants. Why not join instead? 🙂

  2. I would like to attend the orientation on Jan 22 with my students. How much is fee to attend the orientation even if we’re not joining?

  3. hi guys, looking forward to this event. hope to interview you guys so i could do a story for my column as well. thanks!

  4. Nicholas SC said:

    What is the required age?

  5. Hi!
    I was wondering if we can join as a team?

    • ggjmanila said:

      Hi Karen!
      The participants form their teams during the actual event. You and your team should register individually first.

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