A weekend of intense game making

Mechanics and Rules

Game Jam Mechanics:

  1. The objective of the game jam is for a team of participants to create a game based on a theme that will be announced around 5:00PM on Friday, January 28.
  2. Teams must create at least one game before the game jam ends.
  3. On 3:00PM Sunday, the organizer will start collecting all the team’s entries. Judging will also begin.
  4. All teams will give a presentation on the games they have made.
  5. The closing ceremonies are held, prizes awarded, and the games are then distributed to the Internet through the global game jam website.

Game Jam Rules:

  1. All participants and all games entered for the game jam must agree to a Creative Commons, share, alter, no sell license.
  2. Teams can only be formed during the game jam. This is to encourage collaboration with new friends and peers.
  3. Teams are free to use any software they have available. They are also free to download from the Internet the software which they require. The only exceptions are for software which require a commercial license. Teams are free to use these commercial software only if the participant owns the software and has it installed on their own personal computers.
  4. Teams are free to bring any materials such as books, etc. for use in the event
  5. Participants can bring their own equipment such as laptops, mice, etc. but these will be registered with the UP ITTC staff to ensure security
  6. Teams are free to use any art that is compatible with the Creative Commons license.
  7. Each participant’s alertness level will be monitored by the organizer. If we find that a participant is getting tired, we will make them stop working and to go rest.

UP ITTC House Rules and Guidelines

UP ITTC Waiver


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