A weekend of intense game making


If you haven’t joined any previous game jams, you must first create a free account at the GGJ site here.

Once you have your account, you must login and select “Participate in a Jam”.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the Country dropdown list and look for Philippines. Click the Find Button.
  2. Once the results are showm, Select from the three locations available: @Globe Labs, @Benilde and Central Luzon Game Site. Click one of these jam sites and select “Join This Jam Site” and confirm your selection.
  3. After selecting your location, you can edit your profile even more to let others know about your skill set. You can do this by clicking on My Profile.
  4. If you selected to be in @Globe Labs Jam site, please also register on our Eventbrite Page to get your e-ticket.

If you did this correctly, your name should appear on the members list of your selected Jam Site.


Congratulations and see you at the event!

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